Palmer Drug Abuse Program 

Using Positive Peer Support To Create Life Changing Transformations 


We meet twice a week at Riverbend Church on Mondays and Austin Recovery on Thursdays. Our teen meetings start off with a Check in, followed by an open topic meeting where teens can share their experience strength and hope with one another. 

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The Idea behind our events is to have fun and to allow for the teens to make lasting connections that will keep them sober in the long run. During our events, teens bond with one another and learn to lean on each other in troubling times. 


The 12 Steps

With permission from the General Service Office in New York City, PDAP based its program on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics AnonymousWith a slight modification, we have created a 12 step program which focuses on those issues commonly dealt with in young people’s recovery.

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A Glimpse

Palmer Drug Abuse Program, PDAP, provides free services to teenagers and young adults who seek and have a desire to live a life free from the effects of drugs and alcohol. In dealing with substance abuse, the program offers support and guidance to young people and their families whose lives have become unmanageable due to the devastating effects of drugs and alcohol. Built upon a spiritually based foundation, although non-denominational, the program for the young person consists of 12 steps to recovery emphasizing peer support, weekly meetings, group activities and encouragement. A caring community service, Palmer Drug Abuse Program reaches out to help. Contact us at 512-927-0422.


The Keys to Individual Success 

We firmly believe that with all three, addiction does not stand a chance. 

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Our story

PDAP History

The Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) was founded in 1971 in Houston, Texas when a man named Bob Meehan, who was a recovering addict, built a friendship with Father Charlie Wyatt-Brown at the Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church. Father Charlie realized the need for a supportive substance abuse recovery program for youth and he developed a strong vision about reaching young people lost on drugs and bringing them into a new, sober lifestyle.

He began his quest at his church in Houston as a local support group. The PDAP program has now evolved into a national support program and has helped literally thousands of Austin youth become fully functioning and contributing members of the community. Since 1971, many people have continued to spread this vision and have shared their experience, recovery, love and understanding to many more new people.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

PDAP has been an instrumental part of my recovery over the last two years. I started going to PDAP at 14 years old. 

Matt P


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I’ve been attending PDAP for almost two years now, and I will have my two year sobriety date on November 17th. I remember my first meeting. 

Jessica R


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Dear Sirs/Madams,
I have a 16 year old son who has chosen the path of drugs and alcohol (D/A) beginning at age 13.

Richard Cunningham

Parent and Board Member

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PDAP White Book

The Pdap White book contains erverything PDAP is about. From parent group, tokens of comittment to personal recovery stories, full of heartbreaks, set backs, hope and triumph. 

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Our Team

Gregg Sellers

Executive Director

Greg Sellers has served as executive director of Palmer Drug Abuse Program since 2004. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and volunteered with PDAP in 2003.

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Ashley Duke 

Senior Female Youth Staff

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Please call us at (512) 927-0422 or email us using the form below. 

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