The History of Palmer Drug Abuse Program

The Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) was founded in 1971 in Houston, Texas when a man named Bob Meehan, who was a recovering addict, built a friendship with Father Charlie Wyatt-Brown at the Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church. Father Charlie realized the need for a supportive substance abuse recovery program for youth and he developed a strong vision about reaching young people lost on drugs and bringing them into a new, sober lifestyle.

He began his quest at his church in Houston as a local support group. The PDAP program has now evolved into a national support program and has helped literally thousands of Austin youth become fully functioning and contributing members of the community. Since 1971, many people have continued to spread this vision and have shared their experience, recovery, love, and understanding to many more new people.

PDAP is Growing Even Today

The program expanded in Houston and Dallas and quickly spread throughout Texas to Austin. We currently have satellites in 8 Texas cities, and also have satellites established in Oklahoma, New Mexico, and California.

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